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CloudFridge is the first IoT product line specifically dedicated to commercial refrigeration equipment. A new way for refrigeration systems to operate in a cloud computing environment.

CloudFridge is a product of Visible Energy

At the China Refrigeration show (中國製冷展), Visible Energy is introducing a new line of IoT products using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and for use specifically in commercial refrigeration.


Instead of a factory pre-configured control loop, CloudFridge allows the use of sophisticated control software, big-data analytics and the power of cloud computing to remotely operate a refrigeration system, optimize for energy consumption and push efficiency to new limits.

Visible Energy, Inc. has created Cloudfridge the first IoT product line specifically dedicated to commercial refrigeration equipment. Cloudfridge main components are:

  1. The Cloudfridge IoT Sensors Router provides a single-wire digital sensor bus for collection of multiple low-cost sensor data points, unprecedented for commercial refrigerators. Through a WiFi interface allows for remote monitoring of critical equipment operational and enviromental parameters, such as temperature, humidity and refrigerant pressure.
  2. The Cloudfridge IoT Controller Router provides electronic temperature regulation and energy consumption monitoring for each component. The remote interface through a WiFi Internet connection allows for continuous operating conditions monitoring and to adjust the temperature setpoint to insure high operating efficiency.
  3. The Cloudfridge Cloud Service combined with the IoT devices, provides a whole new way to operate commercial refrigeration equipment, such as walk-in cooler, freezer and large reach-ins opening up new opportunities for operators, managed services providers and end-users. Not only Cloudfridge Cloud Service provides data collection, remote monitoring and emergency alerting, but also data analytics for fault prediction and a very powerful energy optimization adaptive algorithm that adjusts operating temperature setpoints to save energy while preserving food quality.


CloudFridge is a new paradigm that takes advantage of open source collaboration, cloud computing, and inexpensive Wi-Fi hardware to radically change the way a refrigeration system is operated. Imagine writing the control software in Ruby, access sensor data in a millisecond, have the power of an Octave server at your disposal to optimize energy in the control of a refrigeration system, and still to be able to scale to millions of devices.


CloudFridge is a product of Visible Energy

Visible Energy, Inc.


Visible Energy is an IoT company dedicated to commercial refrigeration energy efficiency products and cloud services. Based in Palo Alto, California, Visible Energy has pioneered Cloudfridge, the first cloud-based refrigeration control system and has developed Wi-Fi enabled IoT products for use in the retail and food industry.


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